flirt fans


So many great connections/ Flirt dates! I am loving all the great feedback! And some from the coaching sessions/coaching packages over the last few months.

“He was great–so handsome–and the conversation was so interesting–he was funny–and incredibly intelligent. Perfect match for me–you did great, Tawni! Thank you.”

“I have been dating the wrong kind of men for years–in one night, I met 3 incredible men at your FLIRT event that made me realize what’s truly possible. I am so grateful to have met you–and you’re such a little ball of positive energy, Tawni! Thank you. I have dates with 2 of the men set up already!”

“Hi Tawni–I wanted to call and say thank you for setting me up last night. I had such a wonderful time. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. It was a lovely date! He is a delightful human being. So yes, you proved to me that this kind of man does exist! They are really out there. Thank you again. I had a blast!”

“Tawni is amazing at what she does! FLIRT is an amazing company! I had been married for 15 years and surprised at my divorce. I had no idea how to meet people my age. I had been out of the dating game for almost 20 years. Tawni started taking me out and introducing me to people. She can talk to anyone! She coached me back in the game. I had so much fun out with her and she made me feel like I could talk to anyone anywhere. Perfect for me! I highly recommend hiring her to help you start dating.”


age 45

“I am so shy and I hate approaching new people. I love how FLIRT made it easy. They brought people to me and helped me navigate the conversation. It was fun getting to know people with FLIRT who were right there to basically hold my hand.”


age 35

“I hated going to bars! And I never knew how to talk to the cute woman in the grocery store. FLIRT helped fix all the issues I ever had with meeting women. Tawni makes it feel effortless. She takes you everywhere that cool people are hanging out and finds me the women who are single and attractive to me. She also found me great matches from her database and I have had a ton of fun dates. Hopefully the woman she recently set me up with will be the one!”


age 40

“FLIRT finds the coolest people in Denver! It’s like the perfect private dating club. I love it! I am the busiest girl in the world and Tawni always sets me up on the best dates. She knows exactly what I like!


age 42

“Tawni rocks the house! She really knows how to throw great singles parties and worskshops! I can always rely on her to bring in very eligible singles who are professional, active and attractive. She takes a lot of the leg work out of the dating process by just bringing quality people to her events.


age 32